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Technology moves fast, and when it comes to technology marketing, you probably have more to get done than time or resources will permit. That's why stones stacked into a cairn is perfect for our logo.



Communicating with the written word is the foundation of promoting your product and conveying its unique value. Whether you need content development for whitepapers, buyer guides, product material, case studies, web pages, or something else, we can dive in and serve as an extension of your content development team.


Building a well planned GTM strategy and infusing it across all areas of your marketing and sales execution gives you a competitive advantage. We can help you create that advantage with support in defining your GTM plan:
From established companies to start-ups, it's vital to have clearly defined product messaging. It not only serves as a launching point for your successful marketing campaigns but also provides a consistent, differentiated story for your products and services. We work alongside you to reveal the unique aspects of your offerings and deliver a product messaging platform that clearly articulates your product's core values and competitive advantages.



Now that your product is almost out of beta, the launch date looms ahead with lots to get done. This is when a trusted, "utility player" like Paris Trudeau Marketing Group is just what you need. We are product launch pros—handling everything from project management to collateral development and all the details in between.
We deliver marketing excellence that balances your resources and helps you reach your growth milestones. Whether you need collateral for your next campaign or ongoing product marketing resources, we can provide the direction and support to help you get it all done.
We partner with our clients, working collaboratively as a part of your team to deliver winning results. And we know technology, so you can be confident that your project is in capable hands while you focus on your other priorities.
  • Business Summary
  • Product and Pricing Strategy
  • Target Market and Buyer Personas
  • Route-to-Market Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • P&L Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Timeline and Execution